1. How long does my Gardenlina ™ flower?

With a little bit of love and attention this beautiful outdoor plant will flower for at least 6 weeks, but with some extra care this can even be 10 weeks!

2. What does the assortment consist of?

The Gardenlina ™ range consists of several colors in different pot sizes. Gardenlina ™ is available in the colors red, pink, purple, orange, white and yellow in sizes ranging from small plants to beautiful large plant dishes.

3. Whats is the best way of taking care of my Gardenlina ™?

The Gardenlina ™ is not demanding. The plant needs a light location where direct sunlight is no problem at all. You can plant your Gardenlina ™ in the ground from May to September or put it outside in a pot. Gardenlina ™ requires little water.

4. Where is Gardenlina ™ available?

The Gardenlina ™ is available in various garden centers in your area. For the current points of sale you can fill in our contact form or ask for it in the garden center.